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"Only a System in Which Every Part Flourishes is Holistic"

At AsiaPaws you find veterinary alternatives for better life quality

for cats, dogs, guinea pigs & rabbits. Health improvements can & should be a pleasant experience for pets and their humans.

We "Help Without Harm" (The Buddha).

This includes taking care of our environment, too!

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Our Clients Testimonial

The first time I know about Dr Susanna was 10years ago if I remember right. My Rottweiler Mick was having joint problem and he would lying down all day due to the pain. When I send him to Dr Susanna, the first acupuncture treatment was instantly help. He get up and walk more often and looks happier. Same now goes to my current fur baby Lola Anne she has hip problem since last year and immediately I think of Dr Susanna.. And she never disappointed me, instantly after the first acupuncture treatment, Lola is more bouncy, energetic ,happier. Nevertheless, Lola has since fall in love with Dr Susanna and love to visit Asia Paws. I had send Lola for regular treatment from twice a week and she gets better each time so now i have reduce to twice a month as to maintaining it. Same goes to Coco Belle my another baby.  She wasn't having any pain issue but I send her there for detoxing and qi balancing. The energy of the clinic Is always full of loves and tender care. You would know when you fur kids can't wait to go thru the door, wagging their tails like a helicopter propeller with a big ear to ear smile in their face! They are the best walking testimony. Acupuncture is definitely a worth long term treatment / spa for our fur kids. It made them feel happy.

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Khim Sin

“Happy pet happy pawrent”
Asiapaws is the love light peace and faith which brings hope and sunshine into our lives. The relationship we forge and the trust we create inspire confidence in both Bobby and his parents to heal naturally and holistically.

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Hui Fang