Holistic Treatments

Acupuncture is our main method of healing and recovery, aided by homeopathic remedies, nutritional and transdermal supplements and Bach Flowers.

Center of our focus is a thorough consultation because healing is team work and only by forming a team consisting you and us and your pet as a willing partner, can make this happen.

How does acupuncture work ?

Needles focus the body's healing power. Just like a self help video,  acupuncture treatments stimulate the body to do the right thing.

The result: More energy and strength, feeling happier, more optimistic, better ability to move, improved appetite and bowel movements, and less pain!


Price: RM 450 Consultation WITH Acupuncture

​Price: RM 430 NO Acupuncture Consultation ONLY

Every patient must see Dr.Susanna for a STARTING VISIT to assess your pet's health fully and with all available diagnostic results.

This applies also if you, as an owner, have been here before


Price: RM 480


Book the same time slots for this service as for "in clinic" First Visits In House.

As Dr Susanna isn't meeting the patient personally, an extensive pre-consult review process (of videos & other diagnostic tools) is necessary

Make sure you provide IN ADVANCE all your pet's DIAGNOSTIC results - send in by WhatsApp or email to us!

Single ACUPUNCTURE Treatment


Please book this Acupuncture treatment on the last follow up slot of a day for Dr Susanna's full attention

Price: RM 180

The most extensive follow up Holistic Acupuncture Option!

Please STATE your QUESTIONS and your GOAL so that we can prepare for this rather extensive 30 min consultation.

Note, this is NOT a subsitute for a First Visit!


15 ACUPUNCTURE Pet Family Package

Validity: 5 months /20 weeks

Usage: 15 Treatments

Price: RM 1500


This package economizes your fukid/s series of acupuncture treatments.

This package can be shared among all your pets who had their First Visit with Dr Susanna already.

The validity of the coupon code for this package is fixed (not extendable).

5 ACUPUNCTURE Gold Standard Treatment PACKAGE -


Validity: 2.5 Months/10 Weeks

Usage: 5 Treatments

Price: RM 720

This acupuncture treatment series includes a tailored holistic plan to recover Qi strength & Qi flow to boost your pet's life quality.

The validity of this package is fixed (not extendable).

* Validity starts from the first session booked not when the package is purchased
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